5 string electric tenor guitar

Converted Rogue RR50 23” scale length

solid body 10 string telecello guitar conversion

semi hollow 10 string telecello conversion

double neck stratocello mandocello & guitar

Oscar Schmidt 10 string acoustic/electric mandocello

8 string electric bass cittern

This one has sold

Stereo Hyped up electronics produce 90 different tones

The Stratocaster modification that defines MORe Tone 

Stratocaster mandocello conversion (Archer)

Luna acoustic/electric mandocello conversion

This one has sold

The “100” Telecello (my 100th conversion)

Cort G100HH Electric mandocello conversion

8 string acoustic/electric mandocello spalted maple

Converted from an  Oscar Schmidt concert  size  guitar 

10 string Electric tenor guitar

Rogue RR50 23” scale length conversion 

335 style mandocello

This one has sold

Electric mandola (travel electric guitar conversion)

economy electric mandocello (octaves tuning)

Ibanez dreadnaught mandocello conversion

This one has sold

Glen Burton Jazz Box mandocello

Hofner 335 style mandocello

The Frankenjo solid body electric banjo