About Us...


The MORTone Story

MORTone designs and produces unique Stringed instruments tailored to musicians seeking to expand their tonal palette.  "I have enjoyed playing stringed instruments for over 40 years“ says Marty (Big MORT) Rumfield. “ I started out by converting guitars into mandocellos, then converting smaller instruments into mandolas, octave mandolins and ukuleles.“

Marty has been converting guitars since 2015.  ”I even converted a Precision bass into a mandobass (8 strings in 4 pairs tuned 2 octaves below a mandolin)!   As interest in my conversions grew, I decided to try my hand at a custom design.  I then developed my first two instruments, the MORTocello and MORTolin."  These two models are designed to use a variety of tunings, making them suitable for any genre of music.


Innovative instruments for innovative musicians

Marty:   "I’ve always loved music. I began playing guitar when I was twelve. I played bass guitar for 15 years in a progressive rock band. I have an eclectic taste in music and I enjoy listening to a variety of musical styles. I can go from listening to Richard Strauss, to Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, to Rush, and then AC/DC all in one sitting.  I have always been interested in every sort of stringed instrument, so I would often imagine my own unique designs and formats. Then I would imagine the role of these instruments in various ensembles.  My instruments are designed to be both familiar and unique, so the musician who plays them can easily explore their musical possibilities.  These are innovative instruments for innovative musicians."